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OZI SPA is a unique place in Lublin , where you can rest from the everyday pace of life. You will feel the magic of caring touch during the massage. You will take care of and nurture your body.

Additionally, you can carve them. All this to make you feel better in your own body and leave us relaxed and satisfied. Your well-being is a mission for us. We focus on professionalism and high quality of services. Cosmetics and oils used for treatments come from proven sources, we stick to the principle that they are as close to nature as possible. The atmosphere we create around treatments and massages gives a feeling of relaxation. Pleasant smell, appropriate light, soothing music, exotic flavors of teas and coffees, and then a relaxing touch is an experience of all the senses that you can taste with us … just open the door and enter the land of OZI SPA …

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Our team

We are a team that has helped thousands of people over the past few years
effectively relax and take a break from everyday life.

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Massage Trainer – Spa Therapist

Anna Niedźwiecka

Certified wellness & spa therapist specializing in Ayurvedic and Oriental massages, trainer. Cooperation with many years of experience in running a brand company, founder and spa, incl. Biointus - a bioresonance cabinet and management of a holistic Spa in the conduct of the Arabic Holistic Spa Renewal, Spa & Wellness Academy.

Massage Trainer – Spa Therapist

Ozgur Ilerten

A graduate of the PE Academy with several years of experience in the hotel and spa business in Turkey in luxury hotels, including: Diamond Of Bodrum, Voyage Bardakci Bodrum, Virgin Hotel Bodrum, Sueno Beach Hotel Side. He gained experience working with excellent masseurs and therapists from Bali, Thailand and China. His achievements include the development of one of the best spas in eastern Poland - Ozi Spa Luxury in Hotel Alter in Lublin. Master of Turkish massage and the hammam ritual. Co-founder of the Ozi Spa brand and trainer at Ozi Spa & Wellness Academy.


Sidar Yanik

Qualified physiotherapist at the University of Vincent Pol in Lublin, masseuse. A young and ambitious therapist who started to acquire qualifications while working at the Turkish children's physiotherapy center Ilk Doganay Special Education and Rehabilitation Center in Denizli. A graduate of Ozi Spa & Wellness Academy in Poland, masseuse at Ozi Spa Luxury at Hotel Alter and currently at Ozi Spa & Wellness at Arche Hotel Lublin.


Mustafa Senkaya

Physiotherapy student at the University of Vincent Pol in Lublin, a graduate of Ozi Spa & Wellness Academy. He started his experience in massages in a Turkish hotel, a masseur at Ozi Spa Luxury at Hotel Alter, now at Ozi Spa & Wellness at Arche Hotel Lublin.

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Due to COVID-19 and for the comfort of all guests of the Ozi Spa & Wellness zone, please book your treatments in advance by calling: 

+48 661 575 121 

or by e-mail: [email protected] 

It is possible to cancel the date of the visit 12 hours before the planned time of the procedure without incurring any costs. If the treatment is canceled 6 hours before the planned visit, Ozi Spa reserves the right to charge 50% of the treatment value, and if the cancellation takes place less than 6 hours before the planned treatment - 100% of the treatment value. Ozi Spa reserves the right to change the opening hours.
Reservation of treatments is valid up to 15 minutes after the agreed date. If the Guest is more than 15 minutes late from the agreed booking date, Ozi Spa reserves the right to cancel the booking or shorten the treatment time without the possibility of reducing the treatment price.