Ayurvedic and oriental massages



/ 60 min.
Ayurvedic full body massage with warm black sesame oil. Fluid, rhythmic, deep relaxing  massage. 



/ 45 min.
Dynamic massage combined with strong pressure and kneading. It is made on the basis  of herbal powders with the addition of chickpea flour, barley and red clay. Perfectly  aligns skin defects after the first treatment, and after the entire series, cellulite  reduction and reduction are visible body circumferences. 



/ 45 min.
This head treatment provides an incredible experience, almost a trance effect. It  supports helps to find harmony between body and soul. It consists of pouring warm oil  on the point between the eyebrows and a proper treatment of the head, neck,  shoulders and back. It stimulates hair growth by nourishing hair roots and reducing  muscle tension. 



/ 90 min.
It is a combination of abhyanga and shirodhara, which is a full body treatment and head  massage with pouring of a warm black sesame oil over the forehead. 

Massage With Mountains Crystals


/ 60 min.

Massage with beautifully colored mountain crystals with warm Ayurvedic oil.  

Thai Foot


/ 30 min.
The relaxing ritual for feet begins with bathing and rubbing feet with Himalayan salt,  and then with intensive treatment of feet and shins.  

Ayurvedic And Oriental Massages

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