Body treatments

Ozi SPA Modeling Treatment 


/ 120 min.
• Bamboo brush peeling which improves blood circulation 
• Chinese bubble massage (abdomen, thighs and buttocks) according to the technique and   OZI SPA’s recipe, with a blend of essential oils and base oils improving skin firmness
• Abdomen, thighs, buttocks and shoulders muscles training with help of electrostimulation  which strengthens and shapes the figure 
• Toning and muscle tension removing in specific parts of the body with electrostimulation 



/ 60 min.

Training of abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms muscles with electric impulses  combined with toning and removing of muscle tension in specific parts of the body. 


Maderotherapy with Brazilian Drainage


/ 30 min/60 min.

This is a natural and non-invasive body shaping method that uses wooden pine tools and vigorous deep massage in its methodology. Like no other method, it reduces cellulite extremely quickly, contours the figure, lifts the buttocks and reduces waist circumference.

Full Body Peeling 


/ 30 min.
Peeling nourishes and oils the skin, optimally moisturizes it, ensuring its velvety  smoothness. After the treatment, a pleasant film remains on the skin, which naturally  protects against moisture loss. 

Ayurvedic And Oriental Massages

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Body Treatments

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