Massage With Candle 


/ 50 min.
Candles made of pure, natural shea butter with the addition of natural fragrance  oil perfectly elasticize and moisturize the skin. 

Chinese Bubble Massage 


/ 40 min.
Chinese bubble treatment reduces cellulite (at every stage of development),  accelerates metabolism and improves blood circulation. (Treatment for the abdomen,  thighs and buttocks). 

Hot Chocolate Massage 


/ 50 min.
By warming up the body and stimulating the senses, it causes secretion of endorphins,  which are hormones of happiness. 

Classic Partial Massage 


/ 25 min.
It is a relaxing and therapeutic treatment – especially helpful in alleviating such  ailments as mental tension, muscle spasms, joint and muscle pains and headaches. 

Classic / Relaxing Full Body Massage 


/ 50 min.
Classic or relaxing massage of the whole body with a relaxing and healing effect. 

Sport Massage 


/ 50 min.
It is an intensive massage applied before or after physical activity. The purpose  of the massage is to prepare the muscles for activity or regeneration after training.  Techniques are selected individually. 

Face Massage 


/ 30 min.
As a result of the facial massage, the skin gains a healthy color, which indicates the  stimulation of circulation and dilatation of blood vessels. Thanks to this, the skin  is oxygenated better.  

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