Facial treatments

Rejuvenation and regeneration with face and head massage


/ 60 min.
An exceptionally pleasant treatment for someone who need relaxation and self-care.  The treatment gives the effect of a noticeable smoothing and long-lasting  regenerationof the skin. 

SOTHYS Hydra 3Ha Intensive  moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment 


/ 75 min.
An exclusive, moisturizing and rejuvenating ritual designed to hydrate all skin types, based on a special protocol of six unique phases and exclusive Digi-esthétique® massage techniques combined with modern active ingredients. 

SOTHYS βP3 Intensive Rejuvenating Treatment


/ 75 min.
An ultra-sophisticated treatment characterized by intensely personalized products using expert method of application widely used in Sothys treatments. It is an 1 hour and 15 minutes of targeted action to combat the signs of skin ageing: reduction and prevention of wrinkles, prevention of skin sagging. 

Regenerating face with a sheet mask treatment 


/ 60 min.
This is an explosion of vitamins and regeneration contained in the sheet with active vitamin C, niacin and algae giving the skin an immediate effect of regeneration and moisturizing. 

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Facial Treatments

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Kobido Up Ritual With Face Taping